RT-QuIC Analysis

Real Time Quaking Induced Conversion (RT-QuIC) analysis of 

cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) aids the clinical diagnosis of Sporadic CJD

Highly sensitive (92%) and specific (100%) for Sporadic CJD and certain genetic prion disease PRNP mutations;

CSF RT-QuIC cannot be used to identify patients with variant CJD. 

RT-QuIC testing is now available in Ireland free-of-charge with a turn around time of 10 working days.

Referral Form

Form A facilitates the referral of patients to the INCJDSU and Department of Public Health. This form MUST accompany all samples sent to the INCJDSU.

Sample Protocol

Outlines the sample requirements and transport conditions for CSFs sent for RT-QuIC Analysis

CJD MDT Referral Committee

Need a second opinion on your Clinical and Neuroradiological findings?

Patient Management

National guidelines on the management and reporting of patients with Prion Disease.

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